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Email and Internet solutions
in Northern Cyprus

Call me - David - on 0533 847 95 54 or email me at for details of the following services that I provide for individuals and businesses here in the TRNC.

Email - Virus free, spam free email! You could have, or as your email address, and not worry about your inbox filling up with junk or a harmful virus.

Websites - If you have a property to rent, a restaurant, or business here in the TRNC then you need a professionally developed website to promote it. The following people choose DotComDave to do just that:

B's Hive Property Management Service

The Courtyard Inn
G & S Care

Anyone can put up a web on the Internet. But unless each page is displayed in 8 seconds or less, and it ranks high on the search engines, then there is no point bothering! I specialise in developing, hosting and optimising, fast, search-engine friendly websites.

PC problems? - Solved! Be it updating the version of Windows on your machine to cleaning it of viruses and Trojans. I provide a door-to-door service that means your PC is not taken away.

Security - While you are looking at the Internet, the Internet could be looking at you. Whether you have a new or old PC it needs to be 'locked down' to ensure that nobody can access or manipulate your computer without your knowledge while you are on the Internet or using email.

DotComDave - Email and Internet solutions in Northern Cyprus

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